Nov 122013

RSA_kleinFreitag, 29. November 2013, 9:30 bis 17:30 Uhr

Conference of the Regional Studies Association in Kooperation mit dem

Center for Metropolitan Studies und Think Berl!n




Technische Universität Berlin | Hauptgebäude H 2035
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin

Berlin is currently in the process of developing a new spatial development strategy – the Stadtentwicklungs-konzept 2030 (StEK 2030). Other plans and policies to shape the growing metropolitan region are also well under way, such as the new housing strategy and a new strategy of how to deal with municipal real estate. Many of these policies have been influenced by civil society stakeholders who demand a more sustainable development of the city, both in terms of climate change and socially. Extensive public participation processes have been launched to come up with development strategies, which will be perceived as ‘just’ while at the same time supporting Berlin’s economic growth. The conference will discuss the proposed strategies and participatory approaches and whether they are as ‘just’ and ‘sustainable’ as promised. It will look at similar proposals in London and Paris and explore what these new approaches mean regarding current debates on governance, localism or sustainable urban development.

Konferenzsprache: Englisch



Welcome and Introduction

Planning the metropolitan region – a historic perspective

Harald Bodenschatz, Center for Metropolitan Studies/TU Berlin



Towards a sustainable and just city region

Cordelia Polinna, CMS/TU Berlin, Think Berl!n



The London Governance Debate

Learning from Paris and Berlin through a Research Network

Duncan Bowie, University of Westminster



Coffee break



Big Plans for Big Cities: Steering sustainable growth

Moderator: Cordelia Polinna, CMS/Think Berl!n



Coping with Berlin’s housing challenge: New strategies and policies

Dirk Boettcher, Senate Department for Urban

Development and the Environment



Berlin’s Urban Development Concept 2030 (StEK 2030)

Elke Plate, Senate Department for Urban Development

and the Environment



Planning the ‚Grand Paris‘ (or Not)?

Paul Lecroart, Institut d‘Aménagement et d‘Urbanisme d‘Île-de-France



Comment and Discussion






Self-made city: A more sustainable approach?

Commentator & Moderator: Anna Richter, HCU Hamburg



Participation as a key precondition for a just and

sustainable city region: New approaches from Berlin

Aljoscha Hofmann, CMS/TU Berlin, Think Berl!n



Co-operatives, collectives and trusts: new approaches to the production of urban space in Berlin

Andreas Krüger, belius Berlin



Civil Society and the rise of community-based

approaches to planning and development in London

Nick Bailey, University of Westminster



The Localism Act 2011 and Neighbourhood Planning in the ‘hyper-diverse city’: challenges and first developments

Claire Colomb, Bartlett School of Planning



Comment and Discussion



Coffee break



Looking at the Outer City: Transformation of less

sustainable parts of the urban region

Commentator & Moderator: Johanna Sonnenburg, Center for Metropolitan Studies/TU Berlin, Think Berl!n



Smart Cells: A Strategy for Outer Berlin

Klaus Overmeyer, Urban Catalyst studio/Bergische

Universität Wuppertal



Outer London and the Outer Metropolitan Area

Ian Gordon, London School of Economics



Comment and Discussion



What do we do when we compare cities? Reflections on

Berlin, London and Paris

Allan Cochrane, Open University



End of conference

Duncan Bowie, University of Westminster



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